Alumni Association

The College of Engineering Alumni Association, Kannur (CEAAK) is operating in the campus. It’s primary objective is to foster and develop fraternity, unity among all teaching staff, staff, retired/ former teachers and alumni of this institution. It has various chapters operating from India and abroad. In addition to the continuous interaction through the internet, the members meet every year in the campus to interact, discuss and evolve future programmes.

The prioritised list of the projects funded by the alumni association

1) A grand Silver Jubilee Gate to face lift the campus Near Mankadavu bus stop.

2)Eco-friendly Pathway from silver jubilee gate to the front end of main building.

3)Rain Water harvesting

4)Legacy Spots on either side of pathway ( One each for every Batch/class passed out), consisting of statues of technological/historical concepts (to be contributed by individual classes of Alumni).

5)Mural work On the external of the compound walls

6)Park feel Constructing circular platforms around the trunk of important trees on the side of pathway and seating arrangements in between.

7)Ring Road internal to the campus along the boundary wall.

8)Mist fountains at entrance/along the pathway using harvested water and solar energy.


A/c Name : College of Engineering Alumni Association
A/c No : 42342200016335
Bank : Syndicate Bank Mangattuparamba