Department of Applied Science & Mathematics

Course objectives


Course Objectives

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→To familiarize the prospective engineers with elementary Principles of Economics and Business Economics.

→ To develop communication competence in prospective engineers.

→To enable them to convey thoughts and ideas with clarity and focus.

→To develop report writing skills.

→To equip them to face interview & Group Discussion.

→To inculcate critical thinking process.

→To prepare them on problem solving skills.

→To provide symbolic, verbal, and graphical interpretations of statements in a problem description.

→To understand team dynamics & effectiveness.

→To create awareness on Engineering Ethics and Human Values.

→To instill Moral and Social Values, Loyalty and also to learn to appreciate the rights of others.

→To learn leadership qualities and practice them.

Engaged in teaching ME,CE and EEE during third semester and EC and CS during fourth semester