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Relevance of geology in Civil Engineering. Subdivisions of Geology. Interior of the earth. Weathering, its engineering significance and laboratory tests used in civil engineering. Soil profile. Hydrogeology-occurrence of groundwater, Types of aquifers and their properties. Engineering Significance of subsurface water in construction. Methods to control of subsurface water. Minerals- Properties that affect the strength of minerals. Physical properties and chemical Composition of common rock forming minerals Earth quakes- in relation to internal structure of earth and plate tectonics Types of rocks. Brief account of selected rocks. Rock features that influence the strength of rocks as Construction material. Rock types of Kerala. Engineering properties of rocks. Attitude of geological structures- strike and dip. Deformation structures and their engineering Significance. Geological factors considered in the construction of engineering structures. Introduction to natural hazards and their management. Coastal Processes and protection strategies. Soil Erosion and conservation measures.