" A major resource centre for imparting and contributing to the knowledge in Civil Engineering......."


Research is an integral part of the activities of the department . Its faculty members conduct research projects sponsored by various government agencies and companies. The aims of theses sponsored researches are varied starting from the advancement of theoretical knowledge to development of new technology to solve practical problems. The researches conducted till now has covered areas such as structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering and transportation engineering. Grants received under these projects have helped to further strengthen the research infrastructure of the department. The faculty of the department have published their research in many reputed journals and presented papers in esteemed conferences. The department is an approved Research Centre of Kannur University, for research scholars to pursue Ph.D


The department has been actively involved in consultancy right from its inception and has been instrumental in the successful implementation of many projects all over the state. Different state government and public sector organization have been the major clients and services are rendered in the fields of Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering ,Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering.