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The laboratories of the department have state-of- the art equipments are made available for the regular academic work, consultancy service and for the research works. Each laboratory has a senior faculty in charge .The following laboratories are managed by the department


Location AB02

The laboratory has facilities for conducting majortest on practical classes for undergraduate programmes. The undergraduate students are being encouraged to take up topics in the field of Geotechnical Engineering for their project work by making use of facilities available in the laboratory. The laboratory provides facilities for both lab and field testing of soils.

Major test facilities Consolidation test Direct shear test California bearing ratio test Permeability test UCC test Plate load test Standard penetration test



Location MB 120

Working Hours: 9 AM – 4 PM Extended Opening: On Special Request Lab in Charge: Dr. B. Rajeevan

The CAD and Structural Engineering Studio Lab provides support for classroom and research activities. It complements other computational resources of the College by offering computer hardware and software aimed at the specific requirements of B Tech in Civil Engineering and M Tech in Computer Aided Structural Engineering (CAS). It is a well-equipped lab with around 50+ Desktop PC’s and 15+ high end Laptops. Lab hardware includes high-performance workstation PCs, high end laptops and a large format plotter. A suite of civil engineering software including the latest versions of AutoCAD, MATLAB, SAP2000, ETABS, STAAD PRO, STRAP, ANSYS, ABAQUS and LS-DYNA are available to students on a walk-in basis. 1. The CAD Lab is to be used only for GCEK CE & CAS courses related work. 2. All CAD PC Lab Users must have an account to use the computers in the Lab. 3. Do not bring FOOD OR DRINK into the lab. Violators will be asked to leave. 4. Please help to keep the lab clean. 5. Priority will be given to users of application software. 6. During high use periods, word processing, spreadsheets, email and internet access will be discouraged. 7. A computer should not be "locked" for more than 10 minutes. If a computer is locked for more than 10 minutes, the user may be logged-off by lab staff. /Note, save your work frequently and always when you leave a computer unattended. / 8. Only print what you NEED. 9. Please help to keep the Lab clean.

How do I get an account for computer use? All students are given access by default under the user name “student”. However, if you need a special privileged account, give the completed form to an Administrator or Lab Custodian and the account will be created.


Strength of Materials Laboratory offers facilities for testing building materials for their strength, behavior and suitability for various applications. The various equipment’s available in the lab are UNIVERSAL TESTINGMACHINE TORSION TESTING MACHINE DIGITAL COMPRSSIVE TESTING MACHINE 500kN DIGITAL COMPRSSIVE TESTING MACHINE 3000kN ULTRASONIC TESTING MACHINE FLEXURAL TESTING MACHINE TENSION METER WITH ACESSORIES


This laboratory houses sophisticated instruments viz. Electronic total station, Auto levels, theodolite, Dumpy levels.The various other equipments available in the lab are, 1.Measuring rod 2. Vernier chain 3.Prismatic compass 4. Engineers table. 5.Trough compass 6. Planimeter 7.Optical Square 8. Box sextant 9.Levelling staff


Environmental Engineering , as a subject, was taught in the seventh and eighth semester of the B.Tech Course (Civil Engg.) at GCE Kannur as per the syllabus of the Calicut University , which was followed by us.In the conducted syllabus of the Calicut . Later on, after the advent of the Kannur University, it is being handled in the sixth and seventh semester. The practical classes is conducted along with Transportation Engineering in the 7th semester of the B.tech course. The Environmental Engineering Lab is providing all the experiments required at the BTech level and are also doing routine water analysis as part of consultancy work. We have at present equipped the lab with all facilities necessary for conducting practical classes.
A few major equipments in the lab are:
1) Gas Chromatograoh, 2) DoubleBeam UVVIS Spectrophotometer, 3) Distilled water unit, 4) Colorimeter, 5) Digital PH meter, 6) Digital water Analyser, 7) Auto clave, 8) BOD Incubelator, 9 Air laminar flow cabinet(horizontal)


Transportation Engineering Lab was established in the Civil Engineering Department during the year 2005 and become full fledged to accommodate the experiments needed to be conducted in the seventh semester of the B-Tech course in Civil Engineering . It is l equipped to conduct the some of the tests on pavement materials.We also provide consultancy services to various organizations outside the college by way of conducting Mix Design, BBD Test etc..

The major equipments available with the laboratory are : 1. Benkelman Beam 2. Pavement core cutting machine 3. Radar speed Gun. 4. Digital Marshall Stability testing machine. 5. Abrasion testing machine 6. Automatic Compactor

Seminar Hall

Seminar Hall