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Computer Hardware and Embedded Systems Lab

Practical Courses Conducted

Sl. No. Programme Semester Course Code & Name Description
1 UG First & Second(S1S2) 2K6 EN111P Basic Electrical and Electronics Workshop(Computer Hardware Lab) This is a practical course taught in the First year (S1S2 Semester) of the UG programme The students perform the following activities as part of this course, 1.The Identification of components / cards – PC assembling from components. 2. Installation of motherboard, processor, memory and child hard disk. 3. Installation of peripherals such as FDD and a CD drive. 4. BIOS setup. 5. Preparation of HDD for installation – formatting partitioning and basics of file system. 6. Installation of different operating systems and managing application software. 7. Troubleshooting of standard PC.
2 UG Fourth (S4) 2K6CS 408(P) Hardware Lab The following experiments are carried out as part of this course, 1. Identification of components/cards and PC assembling from components 2. Assembly language programming 3. TSR (Terminate and Stay Resident) Programming 4. ADC and DAC interface 5. Waveform Generation 6. Stepper Motor interface 7. Parallel Interface: Printer and HEX keyboard. 8. Serial Interface: PC to PC serial interface using NULL MODEM. 9. Familiarization of Microcontroller Kit 10. Interfacing with Microcontroller Kit
2 UG First(KTU S1) CS110 Computer Science Workshop The students are made familiarized with hardware components of a desktop computer and also perform computer assembling as part of this course

Major Equipments:

Sl. No. Description Quantity
1 Microprocessor Trainer Kit 04
2 Printer Interface Board 02
3 8255 Study Card 02
4 Stepper Motor Controller 02
5 Digital IC Trainer 04
6 Digital Stores Oscilloscope 02
7 Signal Generator 02
8 8086 Trainer Kit 10
9 8051 Based Development Board 05
10 PIC 16 F877 Development Board 05
11 PIC 18 F 4550 Development Board 05
12 Interfacing Card (DAC) 17
13 Interfacing Card For Stepper Motor with Motor 17
14 Interfacing Card ADC 17
15 80196 Microcontroller Trainer Kit 12
16 89C52 Development Board 12
17 Universal Programmer 02
18 ARM 926 Development Board 02

Major Software:

Type Description
Assembly language programming tools & packages : TASM, MASM
Platform used : Ubuntu 14.04