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Short Term Training Programme (STTP)

STTP Formal Languages & Automata Theory

The department organized an STTP on Formal Languages & Automata Theory from 29/2/2016- 4/3/2016.Dr.Benny George, Assistant Professor, IIT Guwahati was the resource person. The programme was attended by 47 participants and the program focused on mathematical fundamentals required to understand theory of computation. The main objective of the STTP was to train faculty in the subject Formal Languages Automata Theory included in B.Tech curriculum. The program helped to formalize mathematical models of computation viz. Basic, deterministic, non-deterministic, pushdown and Turing Machines. This program guided faculty to learn fundamentals of formal grammar and languages, and also to develop understanding of different types of machines, their use, capabilities & limitations, and the concept of undecidability.