The Department of Computer Science and Engineering has one of the best lab facilities in the institution. It has a Central Computing Lab facility in the Main Block of the College, supported by six specialised labs in the Department Lab Block. Each lab is maintained by a faculty member and a technical staff member. Regular inspection of the equipments and other facilities is done by the staff in charges. Problems found if any, are rectified accordingly. Service of engineers from the supplier is opted depending up on the severity of error. List of experiments to be carried out and description of equipments are displayed inside each lab. Register of lab equipments, log register, and maintenance register are kept in each lab. Lab manuals for practical courses conducted are available in each lab. The labs are also provided with a copy of safety manual. Safety precautions to be followed are also displayed in each lab. Fire extinguishers are provided at specific locations near the labs. All the computer labs are connected to the campus network, have internet connectivity, and are fully air-conditioned.


The Central computing lab facility provides sufficient computing facility for the students and staff of Department of Computer Science & Engineering. The lab has 72 nodes connected on a wired network at a speed of 1Gbps. Students can utilize computers running on the latest hardware and operating systems. The lab is adequately supported by peripherals like DMP, Printers, Scanners and more. It also has a overhead LCD projector, and public addressing system. The lab is fully air-conditioned and provides a very good ambiance for the students to carry out their academic activities. The lab has sufficient UPS power back up of around 3hrs in case of power failure. The lab is also connected with Generator facility. The lab is open from 9 am to 6 pm on all working days. The lab is equipped with latest software necessary for the students which include PowerBuilder, Sybase, Visual Studio besides AutoCAD and Matlab. The facility is also used by students to carry out their academic project related activities. Most of the e-journals like IEEE Explore, Science Direct, Springer etc can be accessed from this lab. The students use this lab for project literature survey, understanding about new technologies, and perform implementation of their academic project work. The lab is also used by students for preparation of their academic seminar work.

The facility is also used to conduct Workshops and Seminars for students. Apart from this the facility is also used to conduct the online examination of GATE examination. Our college is one of the few colleges selected for conducting online GATE examination. Several students from our college and other colleges appear for the examination.

Major Equipments: 72 Computer systems, server, UTM,100 Mbps internet connectivity,Un interupted network supply,24*4 port switch O.S : Windows, Linux


Major Equipments: 100 Chairs,Interactive White Board,Audio System.


This lab is utilized for conducting various practical courses of UG programme. It has been set up keeping in view the programming related courses in the curriculum. The lab has internet facility and is fully air-conditioned.


The Network and Paradigms Lab provide specialized care for the students’ skills in Networking and Information Security. The lab has qualified lab assistants. Major Equipments: 36 Computer Systems,work station,LCD projector,Wireless Access Point,Internet facilities ,(24*2 port switch) Major Softwares: NS-2,Qualnet,Java, MSDN Academic Alliance 7.0, Visual Studio, Sql STD Server O.S : Windows, Linux


The Lab deals with Graphics. Let it be animation, web designing, or more, you name it, we have it. The experienced lab staff is a boon for the students working here. Students do their projects here. Major Equipments: 36 Computer Systems,Server,printer(colour Lazerjet) LCD projector,WAP, Internet facilities , (24*2 port switch), Major Softwares: Adobe Photoshop, Visual Studio O.S : Windows, Linux


Major Equipments: 36 Computer Systems,LCD projector,Internet facilities , (24*2 port switch), FPGA Board Major Softwares: JAVA, C, C++, Python O.S : Windows, Linux


The students passing out from GCEK are not restricted to the programming languages, but are provided with the best experiences in Hardware and Embedded Systems area. Interfacing, hardware trouble shooting and much more is explored here. Major Equipments: Internet Facilities,(24*2 Port Switch), Public Addresing System,Digital Ic Trainer Kit,Signal Generatior,Duel,Epga ,BASED Development Board And Accessories Mode,Digital Stores Oscilloscope Power Supply,Pic 18 F 4550 , DEV.BOARD,INTERFACING Card(Dac),Ic For Steper Motor,Ic Adc,80196 Micro Controller Kit,89 C52 Dev.Board,Portable Digital Pa System,Portable Pa Wireless Meeting Amplifier,Lcd Mm Projector,Pa System, FPGA Board Major Softwares: TASM,MASM O.S : Windows, Linux