Xtra mile


The college council has decided to start a special program for the benefit of students of all branches. The program is christened as ‘THE XTRA MILE’. The sole purpose of the program is to ‘Go the extra mile’ , viz. doing something extra on your path to reach ultimate goal. Every day from Monday to Thursday special topics of interest will be engaged by our own faculty/expert faculty as per the following schedule:

1.Mon - Mechanical Engineering
2.Tue- Electrical and Electronics Engineering
3.Wed- Computer Science & Engineering and Civil Engineering branches
4.Thu- Electronics and Communication Engineering

Venue will be decided by the concerned department. Please utilize this facility and enhance your confidence…on your journey to the dream goal. Watch display board for topics of the week.

Sl.No. Date Topic Faculty
1. 17/08/2016 Network Security Mr. Asjad P Nabeel
2. 28/09/2016 Cyber Security Sreejith V P