All the labs in the department are equipped with all equipment needed for the course. Some of the lab facilities are

Basic Workshops

The basic workshop of the Mechanical Engineering department is where the students study the fundamentals of workshop practice. The first year students of all the departments are required to attend the work shop classes here. The basic workshop has different section namely Carpentry, Smithy, Foundry, Fitting, Welding and Sheet Metal

Models Room

The department is proud to have a big and diverse collection of still and working models relating to different streams of Mechanical Engineering. All the models are neatly displayed in a separate room and are open on all working days.

Instrumentation Lab

It provides an introduction to instrumentation engineering with the focus on areas of industrial calibration, psychrometry etc. It also has various equipment’s like ultra-sonic flow detector, sound level meter, optical profile projector, which are widely used in industries all over the world. It is also equipped with devices to analyse the exhaust gas of vehicles. It undertakes the calibration of pressure gauges.

Advanced Manufacturing Lab

This lab in meant for post graduate students of the department, and is equipped with CNC machines, robot training system, NDT methods, dynamic analysis of systems, Co-ordinate measuring machine etc. The lab is funded by AICTE under MODROB Scheme for FMS development

Production Engineering Lab

The production Engineering Lab of the department provides the necessary exposure to the different machining processes. The facilities available here include various types of lathes, shaping, grinding, planning, slotting, and milling machines. Different short-term courses are organised on the various machining processes.


This sophisticated lab caters to the syllabus requirements at par with the latest trends in manufacturing and automation industry. The lab is fully equipped with the latest CNC machines and latest CAD / CAM /CAE software covering computer aided design, analysis and manufacturing fields. The lab has the finest blend of the world's leading software which include CATIA, ESPRIT, I-DEAS, INVENTOR, MECHANICAL DESKTOP, Auto CAD, NISA, ANSYS,VN4D, Pro-E, Solid Works, Autodesk master suite etc. The department conducts regular training programmes in “CAD/CAM/CAE software" and "CNC programming and Operations " under the continuing education program. The lab is fully equipped with work stations and higher end PCs.

Hydraulics Lab

The Hydraulics lab with Fluid Mechanics and Machines sections houses various test rigs on hydraulic machines like Pelton, Kaplan and Francis turbines. Experiments are conducted on different type of pumps ranging from centrifugal to gear pumps. A separate section is devoted to display cut models of different components of pumps and turbines. The Fluid Mechanics section deals with various flow measuring devices like venturimeters, orifice meters and notches. Other experimental set ups include the Bernoulli apparatus, a hydraulic ram and a recently introduced cavitation test rig.

Thermal Engineering Lab

The Thermal Engineering Lab provides a platform for the students to launch into the world of engines and refrigeration equipments. The available facilities include test rigs for diesel and petrol engines, compressors and blowers. A computerised variable compression ratio diesel engine test rig is also installed. A separate section is devoted to the performance measurements of vapour compression refrigeration system air conditioning system, heat pumps etc. The lab is well equipped to determine the calorific value and other parameters of any fuel used in engines. The Heat Transfer section details with different experimental set-ups on the study, analysis and measurement of heat transfer. The facilities available include heat exchangers emissivity measuring apparatus, and different experimental set-ups on conduction, convection and radiation.

Computer Centre

The department of Mechanical Engineering has a separate computer centre and is well equipped with a server and about 30 new generation PCs connected in LAN. It is provided with latest accessories like printers, scanners, CD writers etc. In addition to the software available in the CAD/ CAM lab of the department, the computer centre has other application software, which is used by the students on a regular basis.

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