Program Chart for 2017-18

As part of the activity plan for the current academic year, it is decided to conduct
1) A session of “Experience sharing by students those who had already got placement in various industries”.
2) Co-ordinating GATE coaching classes for B-tech students.
3) To conduct monthly maintenance workshop for all department in association with Hardware Clinic
4) To promote the project works that leads to product developments with innovative idea.
5) To conduct weekly aptitude test, group discussion, technical quiz and debate for B-Tech students.
6) To conduct weakly seminar on recent development in technology by eminant personality and experts in the concerned area.
7) To conduct training program on recent developments in software languages and packages It is also decided to conduct an OPEN HOUSE of GCEK for public, technocrates, technical institution students, school and higher secondary school students with a view of Gate Way to Engineering.
For the smooth conduction of activities in specific areas it is proposed to divide the whole group into different branch specific FORUMS