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Research is an integral part of the activities of the department . Its faculty members conduct research projects sponsored by various government agencies and companies. The aims of theses sponsored researches are varied starting from the advancement of theoretical knowledge to development of new technology to solve practical problems. The researches conducted till now has covered areas such as structural engineering, Geotechnical engineering and transportation engineering. Grants received under these projects have helped to further strengthen the research infrastructure of the department. The faculty of the department have published their research in many reputed journals and presented papers in esteemed conferences. The department is an approved Research Centre of Kannur University, for research scholars to pursue Ph.D


The department has been actively involved in consultancy right from its inception and has been instrumental in the successful implementation of many projects all over the state. Different state government and public sector organization have been the major clients and services are rendered in the fields of Structural Engineering, Geotechnical Engineering ,Environmental Engineering and Transportation Engineering.

Sponsored Research carried out/ ongoing by faculty

Project title Funding agency Faculty Involved
Mechanical Improvement of Clays foruse in Engineered Barriers CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. Vandana Sreedharan
Investigation on The Performance of Cast Earth with Local Soils Of Kerala CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. Vandana Sreedharan
Comparative Study of Green Buildings And Evaluation of Their Crieteria By practice CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. V I Beena
Ground Improvement Using Micro-piles in Weak Soils Around Kannur District CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. V I Beena
Pavement Construction Using Pervious Concrete in Roads CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Prof.Daya Krishnankutty
Utilisation of Cocunut Shell as Aggregate CERD,
Govt. of Kerala
Dr. Rajeevan B
Experimetal Investigation on effect of Nano puzzolonas and Carbon Nano Fibre in Concrete TEQIP II Dr. V I Beena
Effect of Formation of Voids on the Behavior of Reinforced Granular Beds Overlying Weak Soil TEQIP II Dr. V I Beena
Evaluation of Geotechnical Properties of Modified Clays for Environment Control TEQIP II Dr. Vandana Sreedharan
Improvement of Engineering Properties ofOrganic Soils by Cilification TEQIP II Dr. Vandana Sreedharan
Experimental Evaluation of Use of Degraded Material in Geopolymer Binder TEQIP II Dr. Vandana Sreedharan
Effect of Formation Practice Size on the Behavior of Prestressed Reinforced Foundation bed TEQIP II Dr. V I Beena
Optimum Composition of Carbonyl Iron Based Magneto Rheological Fluid for Vibration TEQIP II Dr. K N Rajesh
Smart Prestressing in Self Compacting Concrete TEQIP II Dr. K N Rajesh
Corrosion Induced Cover Cracking Investigation TEQIP II Dr. Rajeevan B
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Structural Behavior of Rubberized Concrete Filled Steel Tubes with CFRP wrapping TEQIP II Saji K p
Capacity Analysis and Performance Evaluation of Signalized Intersections KSCSTE, Govt. of Kerala Dr. Ashalatha R
Preparation of an inventory map of various road user facilities for selected roads in Thiruvananthapuram city Transportation Engineering Research Center (TRC) Dr. Ashalatha R
Platoon dispersion characteristics along signalized corridor(Phase III) Transportation Engineering Research Center (TRC) Dr. Ashalatha R