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Department of Computer Science & Engineering

List of CERD/Innovation Centre funded Projects

Sl. No. Project batch Topic Guide
1 PR 02 GSM Based Automatic Energy Meter Reading System Dr. K. Najeeb
2 PR 03 USB to USB data Transfer Using Arduino Uno Dr. K. Najeeb
3 PR 04 Car Black Box System Dr. K. Najeebb
4 PR 05 Autonomous Robot with Dual Mode Control Rajeev K. K.
5 PR 06 Student Logger Dileep M. R.
6 PR 07 Automatic Wheelchair Using Hand Gesture Recognition Sajith B.
7 PR 09 Automated Bus Ticketing System Dileep M. R.
8 PR 10 Home Automation System Rafeeque P. C, Sreejith.V.P
9 PR 15 Remote water Sprinkling System Rafeeque P. C.
10 PR 15 Handwriting Analyzing and Imitating System Sajith B.
11 PR 17 Automated Food Ordering System Sajith B.

R​esearch Seed Money Projects

Sl. No. Name of Project Funding AgencyQuantity Principal Investigator/ Co-Investigator Duration Amountin Rs
1 Vehicle Tracking System using Raspberry Pi, Arduino, GPS and GSM with Android Application TEQIP Dr. Rafeeque P C& Sreejith V P 2015-2016

Publications by Faculty

Sl. No Name of Faculty Publication Details
1 Dr. P.C Rafeeq Rafeeque, PC & Sendhilkumar, S 2014, ‘Same Wavelength Group Identification From Online Social Networks: A General Framework’, Computer Science and Information Systems, vol. 11, no. 1,pp.229–239.
2 Dr. P.C Rafeeq Rafeeque, PC, Sendhilkumar, S & Mahalakshmi, GS 2014, ‘Twitter sentiment analysis for large scale data: An unsupervised approach, Cognitive computation (Springer), Volume 7, Issue 2, pp 254-262
3 Sreejith V P 1.Lino Abraham Varghese ; Sreejith V. P. ; S. Bose, ‘Enhancing NameNode fault tolerance in Hadoop over cloud environment’, 2014 Sixth International Conference on Advanced Computing, IEEE Dec 2014 2.Dhiren Kumar Dalai, P. Elumalaivasan, Sreejith V. P., “An analysis on attribute based Encryption for secure data retrieval in DTNs”, International Journal of Advance Research In Science And Engineering, Vol. No.4, Issue No.02, February 2015.
4 Asjad Nabeel 1.Automatic Classification of Monocots and Dicots using SVM Classifier - IEEE Conference Paper · Aug 2016 2.Speech Analysis for Automatic Speech Recognition - Survey - Conference Paper · Jan 2016 3.Counting of RBCs using circular Hough transform with median filtering - National Conference paper ,GEC kozhikode 2016
5 Rajeev . KK International conference on soft computing and machine intelligence(ICSCMI),2014
6 Dr.K.Najeeb 1.Open Source Framework for Verification of Computer Architectural features using CSP. In Proc. Ont. Conference on Embedded Systems (ICES 2010, Bangalore) (with Arun A M, Robert Jesuraj, and Santhosh Kumar, 2010 CSE)
2.GAP: Genetic Algorithm-based Power estimation technique for Behavioral Circuits. In Proc. Int. Conference on Computers, Communications and Intelligence- ICCCI'10 (with John Paul, and Elson Paul, 2010 CSE)
3.Framework for Forum Web Page summarization using MAP-REDUCE Paradigm for Text Data Mining, 5th international Conference on Communication Systems and Networks(COMSNETS 2011), Bangalore..