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Department of Civil Engineering


The laboratory has been developed:
(i) To improve Research and Development in the field of Structural Engineering
(ii) To enable Faculty and Students (UG & PG) to pursue projects
The CSA Laboratory is available to all researchers, professionals, and clients from industry to solve basic and applied problems in structural engineering. Located at the Ground Floor of A Block of GCE Kannur campus, the CSA Laboratory houses equipment for studying the behavior of structural elements and systems both on scale models and prototypes. Studies range from detailed stress analyses to both static and dynamic tests on full-sized structural systems. The loading frames with 750 kN capacity are provided in the laboratory for conducting model study on Structural elements. The linear variable displacement transducers (LVDTs), proving rings, dial gauges and load cells are available to study failure characteristics of both concrete and steel models.

Location : AB01

Lab in Charge

Dr Rajeevan B
Professor in Civil Engineering


Sreelatha N K
Trade Instructor

1. 750 kN Loading Frame
2. Eight Cell RCPT (Rapid Chloride Permeability Test) Apparatus
3. Shake Tables
    a. Horizontal Shake Table
    b. Horizontal Shake Table with Eccentric Cam
    c. Vertical Shake Table
4. 32 Channel NI Data Acquisition System