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Department of Civil Engineering


Research carried out/ ongoing by faculty

1 Dr. ASHALATHA R • Development of passenger car unit based on acceleration noise for urban arterials, Salini S and Ashalatha R , Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers - Transport, Sept..2017

• Estimation of saturation flow under heterogeneous traffic conditions ,Preethi P and Ashalatha R , Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers- Transport, Sept..2017

• Modelling saturation flow rate and right turn adjustment factor using area occupancy concept ,Preethi P and Ashalatha R , Case Studies on Transport Policy, Nov.,-2017

• Analysis of traffic characteristics of urban roads under the influence of roadside frictions, Salini S and Ashalatha R,Case Studies on Transport Policy, (Accepted for publication)

• Calibration and Validation of Vissim for Urban Heterogeneous Traffic , Ashalatha R, Salini S and Sreelekshmi S , Indian Highways, 46(1), Indian Roads Congress, 2015, New Delhi, 13-25.

• Platoon dispersion characteristics along signalized corridor (Phase III) funded by TRC (2017-18)

• Platoon dispersion characteristics along signalized corridor (Phase I& II) funded by TRC(2016-17)
2 Dr SMITHA M S • Moment – Rotation for semi – rigid top and seaf angle connections, Jl. of Structural Engg 44(2), June-July 2017 pp. 109-117.
3 Dr. Vandana Sreedharan • IOT enabled filter for waste water treatment funded by CERD, GCEK (2019-20)

• DST/INT/SL/P 13/2016 project entitled
"Characterizing Landfill Gas Emissions: Experimental and Numerical Investigation (CLEAN)" funded by DST,Government of India (2017-20)

• Design and Fabrication of setup for development of bricks with plastic waste funded by Innovation centre CERD GCEK(2017-18)

• Evolution of Construction Demolition Waste for Use in Rural Area funded by RTDC GCEK (2017-18)

• Sustainable Concrete and Mortar Using Biochar funded by Innovation centre CERD GCEK (2018-19)

• Design and Evaluation of Biochar augmented Bioretention System for Stormwater Filter funded by CERD,GCEK (2018-19)

• Dissemination of Sustainable Building Systems for Rural Area-Phase I funded by RTDC GCEK (2018-19)

• Evaluation of geotechnical properties of modified clay for environment control funded by RSM-TEQIP II (2016-17)
4 Prf. Ajith M. S • Experimental studies on semirigid connection in steel beams to CFT columns under cyclic

Loading funded by The Kerala State Council for Science,Technology and Environment (KSCSTE) (2017-19)