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Department of Civil Engineering

Visiting Faculty Programmes


1 5 th March 2018(9 AM ton 4PM)and 6 th March 2018(9 AM to 12.30 PM) ‘Finite element applications using ANSYS and ABAQUS’ Dr.N.Sunilkumar, Principal Cochin University College of Engineering Kuttanad
2 26 June 2017 at 10 am to 30 June 2017 Hands on Workshop in STAAD & ETABS 1.Sri. RadheshPrabhakar, Director Operations, Bharath EIDC Pvt Ltd Bangalore.
2.Sri Midhun P V and Ms Ankitha T P, Structural Engineer Bharath EIDC Pvt Ltd


1 6 th August 2019 “ Civil Engineering – The Profession” Dr. Anil Joseph, CEO, Geo-structurals Pvt. Ltd
2 16 th August 2019 Talk on “Sensible Structural Engineers” Mr. Radhesh P Shenoy, Director EIDC Banglooru,


1 19 & 20.10.2019 Advances in design of composite bridges Mr. Sukesh KK, GM (Structural design), K&J Projects Pvt. Ltd. Hydrabad
2 16.11.2019 Earthquake analysis and design of framed building using ETABS Mr. Arun K V Bridge design engineer. DRIQ board, PWD Thiruvananthapuram
3 1&2.11.2019 Geographical information systems Binoy BV, Former GIS engineer, (EGIS Geoplan)