Gathering Halls :

College has 2 open air auditoriums with a seating capacity of about 1000-1500. In addition to this there is a community auditorium with a seating capacity of 1200 in which all the academic, professional and cultural gatherings are held. Main blocks also has a separate conference hall aiming the administrative purposes. Departmental blocks have their own seminar halls. All seminar halls are equipped with latest technology based audio-visual systems, excellent furniture and equipment.

Sports Facilities :

GCEK believes in poised personalities and that is why we have been provided with best sports facilities . This sector includes facilities and play grounds for sport events viz cricket, football, volleyball, basketball, and also indoor games like shuttle badminton, table tennis, caroms and chess. Students can use the multi functional gym for caring for their health and fitness. Main ground is also the venue for the track and field events of annual sports.

Transport :

The college provides bus facilities to students and staff. At present the college has seven buses, of which four are operated from Kannur city to college and three are from Payyanur town to college. The day-to-day administrative matters pertaining to the bus is generally seen by the bus secretary. There is a bus committee constituted by the principal to decide the matters related to the timings, routes, charges etc.

Co-Operative stores :

A students Co-operative Society, named the Government College of Engineering Students Co-operative Stores Ltd. (No. C1020), Kannur has been functioning in the college for supplying books, stationary and educational accessories to the students.

Canteen :

The college canteen is run on a co-operative basis from 1995 onwards, with the active involvement of students and staff.