Central Computing Facility

CCF is a centralised Computer Centre for the staff and students of this college. CCF is maintaining and managing the Campus networking and Internet Facility. It act as the nodal centre for all the information technology resources of the Institute. It involves design, installation and maintenance of the IT infrastructure including the network, software resources and IT enabled services and facilities. CCF also provides the staff training, user support and consulting services to users of differnt departments and external clients on demand. The CCF coordinate and Deliver Facility Management services to end users on campus like Digital Library, On line Journals ,e-Books ,Remote class rooms , Courses of NPTEL, Video Lecture facility etc.

1 Working hours 9.00 AM to 5.00 PM all working days
2 Internet Connectivity NKN with 1 Gbps Kerala Vision Fiber Connectivity 200 Mbps
3 Internet Availability 24 X 7 in the Campus
4 Availability of Computers 72 core i3 Desktops
5 Campus Networking All the buildings and labs are connected with Optical Fiber Backbone with three tier architecture
Network Infrastructure
6 Campus Wi Fi Entire campus under GCEK_WIFI @ 300Mbps
7 Internet Security Fortigate firewall with all the security measures enabled.
8 Authentication System Authentication System uses the Campus ERP registred user id to access the campus resourses.