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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The Indian Society for Technical Education (ISTE) is a national, professional, non-profit making society registered under the Societies Registration Act of 1860. The mission of society is formulating and implementing responsibilities and objectives of technical education. The major objectives of ISTE is to develop top quality professional engineers & technicians needed by the industries and other organizations.It is the “only national organization of educators in the field of engineering and technology”. The Ministry of human resource development and state government are well associated with ISTE programs relating to technical education. ISTE Student Chapter of Govt. College of Engineering kannur is re- established in the academic year 2016-17.

ISTE GCEK Chapter motivates the student community to actively participate in ISTE activities to provide a common platform for students to exhibit the talent which helps their career development. ISTE GCEK student chapter has 451 student members from 2 nd ,3 rd and 4 th years in the academic year 2016-17. Chapter has been divided into 5 forums ( CE,ME,EE,EC,CS). Each forum has a Convenor, 2 Joint Convenors, a Treasurer and a forum committee for the smooth conduction of programs and activities.

An executive committee has constituted with 14 faculty members and 23 student members to take decision on various activities of the ISTE GCEK Chapter. Dr.Vandana Sreedharan is the President of ISTE GCEK Chapter. Prof. Asokan O.V. is the Staff advisor of ISTE Student Chapter. Mr. Mohammed Mohzin is the Student Chairman, Mr. Bachan Shyam P. is the Student Secretary and Mr. Vipin C. is the Student Treasurer.

Previous Programmes and Activities

ISTE GCEK Chapter successfully conducted 2 programmes in March 2017 . “ A programme on Enhancing Interview Skills ” has been conducted for EC forum on 11 th March, EE and CS forums on 19 th March and ME and CE forum on 25 th March in association with TEQIP under the scheme of ICT training programme. “Illuminacao- The enlightenment”, an awareness programme on higher study opportunities has been conducted on 24 th March for 3 rd and 4 th year students.

ISTE Student Chapter Activities

• Organizing students symposiums and seminars
• Organizing weekly/monthly quiz programmes for members.
• Organizing lectures by experts from industry, R&D organizations, defence services, government departments and other institutions.
• Coaching programme for writing competitive examinations and attending job interview.
• Training programme on report writing, project management
• Cultural programmes
• Entrepreneurship development programmes
• Lectures on moral values and ethics
• Discussions, brain-storming sessions, group activities
• Training in public speaking and Training in becoming a master Student
• Visits to industry and work sites
• Programmes in leadership and personality development
• Training in cooperative learning, environmental Awareness, basic management skills.

As part of the activity plan for the current academic year, it is decided to conduct
1) A session of “Experience sharing by students those who had already got placement in various industries”.
2) Co-ordinating GATE coaching classes for B-tech students.
3) To conduct a maintenance workshop for all department.
4) To promote the project works of students.
5) To conduct aptitude test, group discussion and debate for B-Tech students. It is also decided to conduct a talk on “Data Analysis and Data Structure”. For the smooth conduction of activities in specific areas it is proposed to divide the whole group into different branch specific FORUMS