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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Department Library

This augmented library facility provides a vast variety of useful books as well as a reading centre, exclusively for the students of the Department of Electrical & Electonics Engineering. There is a rich collection of books in the field of Electrical Machines, Drives, Power Systems, Power Electronics etc. Books of general interest catering to the intellectual development of students and staff are also kept in the library. It also contains a large collection of project and seminar reports useful for the students and faculty members.The number of title are more than 1400 and their volume is more than 1800. The reprographic centre of the department is also functioning in the Department Library.

Location : Main Block, Room No. MB 214


Department library is functioning in fully automated condition using customized utility software ‘AUTOMA’ developed by EEE Department, GCE Kannur.
Features of AUTOMA
 On Scanning barcode of ID Card, details of student will be displayed.
 On Scanning barcode of Book, details of books will be displayed.
 Issue & Return of books can be done with simple button clicks.
 Search facility is provided so as to get the availability details and issue details including issued to whom, expected date of return...
 Reservation facility is available. Two students can reserve one book at a time.

*Operation features of AUTOMA*

*To Issue a Book*

Scan the barcode on ID card to automatically Load the details of Students including *Photo* Scan the barcode pasted on books to automatically Load the details of Book including Title and Author Just Click *'Issue Book*' button to issue that book.

*To Return a Book*

Simply scan the barcode pasted on books to automatically Load the details of subscriber of that book Just Click on *'Return Book*' button to Return that book

*Additional Features*

*'Showing History'
* Button to get the past transactions of a student
'*Fine Amount' -
*Automatic Calculation & Display of penalty amount

*Search Books*

A Special Page to search the details of Books in our Library
Just Enter keyword of Book Title with or without keyword of Author,or keyword of Author with or without keyword of Book Title, we get the details of that matching books including the availability. If not available it will display "ISSUED" , Issued to Whom and Expected Return Date.

*Reservation of Books*

Facility for reservation is available in this utility. Students can reserve a book if it is currently issued to somebody.