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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


Innovation in teaching the subject Internet of Things

1.Assignment via student presentations:

During the AY 2018-19 even semester, I engaged an elective subject named Internet of Things. The content of the subject incoprotes every aspect of current technology such as Big data, communication, MEMS, AI, Hardware platforms etc. Most of these state-of-the-art technologies required frequent updates and most the time, the content went beyond the syllabus. Therefore, instead of giving regular written assignments, students were given the opportunity to present current topics endorsing the teaching-learning process in an effective manner. Being relevant topics closely related to everyone daily life (such as internet, AI, smart glass etc.), everyone actively participated in discussion. Altogether, the ‘student teacher’ idea enormously helped in exploring the current technologies from an industrial perspective. A few examples of the presented topics includes; Bigdata, Embedded computing, IoT in Health care, Smart Building, Cloud computing, Google glass, Cloud gaming.

2.Hardware realization:

Internet of Things, being a new subject applied to all walks of life, couple of students ventured into realizing IoT systems in hardware. They could successfully apply IoT for monitoring electrical parameters such as power and voltage, and display the same either in smart phone and via microcontroller such as Arduino Uno, NodeMCU etc. This gave an opportunity for others to explore the subject from a practical point of view. The relevant components such as sensors, electronic hardware, IDEs, communication protocols were demonstrated and showed how these components can be integrated to address real time issues in electrical engineering.