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Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering


The department has many infrastructure facilities created for the research activities and some of them are listed below.

Renewable energy interface:
1.  Roof top Solar PV station - 1.6kW PV Panel for experiments
2.  Laboratory solar PV setup- 400w with controlled lighting system
3.  Grid connected PV power generation system (50kW) with data in internet
4.  Fuel cell experimental setup- 1w Prototype
5.  Small hydro systems simulator with Self excited Induction generator
6.  Wind power generation simulator with Doubly Fed Induction Generator
7.  Solar PV simulator- 7.5 kW, with a facility of 4 modules
8.  Solar PV simulator- 2 kW, with facility of 2 modules

9.  Dspace controller ds1104- 2 Nos
10.  Dspace controller ds1103- 1No
11.  Dspace controlled microlab box-1No
12.  DSP and FPGA controllers

Power electronics Lab:
13.  Intelligent Power Modules of Semikron make
14.  Power system Lab with advanced softwares such as ANSYS, MIPOWER and MATLAB
15.  DSTATCOM experimental setup

Drives lab:
16.  Induction motor drive experimental setup
17.  PMBLDC motor drive experimental setup
18.  PMSM motor drive experimental setup
19.  Switched reluctance Motor (SRM) motor drive experimental setup
20.  Water pumping system using SRM and PMBLDC